Rev. Dr. Uma Ukpai: Founder and President of the Uma Ukpai Evangelistic Association, Uyo Nigeria.

Reverend Dr. Uma Ukpai
Being a man of prodigious purpose, this Man of God and Apostle of Miracles saw himself as a great preacher from his teenage yers. It is on record that when the governor of the then Eastern Nigeria visited his school, Uma was one of the three boys His Excellency asked what they hoped to become in future. While the other boys stated they would be medical doctors and a lawyer respectively, Rev. Dr. Uma Ukpai self-confidently and pointedly said he would be a preacher. A great preacher he is, today!
Uma Ukpai is one of the most anointed and highly outstanding ministers of our generation. He speaks across the world extensively on issues of salvation, faith, healing, breaking of curses and covenants, and spiritual leadership. In town after town, across the length and breadth of Nigeria and beyond, he has mobilized God’s people into action. His crusades attract crowds that number in hundreds of thousands, and spectacular moves of the Holy Spirit in these meetings have resulted in amazing miracles of healing and other manifestations of the Holy Spirit. Be it in Europe, America, Africa or Asia, the result has been the same – people tumbling over under the anointing of the Holy Ghost, sick bodies healed, barren women becoming mothers, marriages healed. He is therefore understandably much in demand in crusades, conferences, and seminars around the world.

Born in January 1945 at Asaga, Ohafia, in Abia State, Nigeria, Uma Ukpai lost his father at a very tender age, a development that almost brought to an end his educational pursuit. Though he had uncles who could sponsor his educational pursuit, his Christian background pitched him against them. Consequently, he learnt to work and save money in order to finance his way through post-primary school. He is a graduate of the School of Journalism and Television, Frisham, Hermitage, United Kingdom; South Florida Christian College, Miami, Florida, USA; Carolina Christian University and Burke Bible College, Kentucky, USA. He holds a Certificate in Electrical Engineering Practice, a Diploma in Journalism, a Bachelor and Doctorate Degrees in Divinity.
Recounting his first manifestation of the power of God after he met Christ, young Uma stated

“a mad man came to our school and pursued everybody. He was a healthy looking man and he made me wonder if the life of a mad man wasn’t better than that of a normal person. He came into the school and he was stark naked. His name was Deco. As people were running away from him in school, God said to me that I could also make him run away. It was a strange voice that I heard. I commanded the mad man to roll out of the school. He fell and he rolled out of the school”.

This God’s General has also experienced great losses. Although he revealed that God spoke to him two months before those incidences. He says
“God had told me on that day, I won’t answer your prayers. I want to test you and know how you love Me.”

 As early as 5.00 a.m that morning, armed robbers broke into his beautiful office and made away with his office equipments; God instructed him to forgive the robbers and never collect back the stolen items. He also lost his children, causin and almost lost his darling wife when his trusted driver ran into the river, on his way to a crusade in his village. Just then, he got another shocker when he was informed his 50-sitter bus carrying his band had caught fire and many people died. He was composed because God had warned him of this great test. But God showed up in 1982 while he was preparing for Greater Ibadan for Christ Crusade. God said to him, for handling that case well, you will be seen everywhere. God told him clearly that He has detailed 100 angels to be with him wherever he goes in this world. God has since blessed and restored to him and his wife, 6 children, a beautiful home and a wonderful ministry.

Rev. Dr. Uma Ukpai met the Lord in 1958. He is the author of over fourteen books and has conducted television ministry for many years. He is the president of the Nigerian Council of Gospel Ministers (COGMON) and also the National Chairman of Think-Tank Committee of the Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria (PFN). His Ministry gave birth to PFN in 1985 after Greater Lagos For Christ Crusade with 5000 choristers and 7,110 as counsellors. Now he is the National Vice President of PFN.

He is the Chairman, King of Kings Medical Outreach Int’l Inc. with a full-fledged hundred-bed Specialist Hospital in Abia State. He is the initiator of the One Million Man Crusade, commissioned with the vision of breaking the curses under which the black man labors. There have been outstanding results. He is presently building Kings All Nations University in Asaga, Ohafia that will train people to assemble, fly, and maintain aircrafts. He is the founder of Greater Ohafia For Christ Crusade. Rev

Dr Uma Ukpai is an International Evangelist who has conducted crusades in many parts of the world. He is a co-author with Billy Graham and other great men of God on "The Work of An Evangelist". A speaker in Amsterdam '93, Rev. Dr. Uma Ukpai is the first African main speaker at the World Full Gospel Business Men's Fellowship International (FGBMFI) World Convention '96, Miami, USA.
Perhaps one of the most anointed Men of God in this generation, the servant of God is highly sought after to minister across the globe where he minister extensively on salvation, faith, healing, and spiritual leadership.

Despite his very busy schedule in any part of the world, he never neglects his covenant with God to be at Victory Cathedral, his home base fellowship every Wednesday to minister to his many followers. He is married to Philomena and they are blessed with six children.
We gracefully present this God’s General, Rev. Dr. Uma Ukpai, Founder and President of the Uma Ukpai Evangelistic Association, Uyo Nigeria.

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