Reverend Father Ejike C. Mbaka: President, Founder And Spiritual Director - Adoration Ministry Enugu Nigeria (AMEN).

Reverend Father Ejike C. Mbaka:

Ejike Mbaka, is a Roman Catholic Reverend Father based in Enugu a recognized for his firebrand and pentecostal-styled type of preaching. He is heavily filled (drunken) with the Holy Ghost with remarkable evidence of Speaking in Other Tongues. His ministrations are characterized by miracles, Signs and wonders. Mbaka’s weekly all-night adoration crusade at the permanent site of his ministry; Adoration Ministry Enugu Nigeria (AMEN) has never ceased to inspire Catholic faithfuls to attend his programme.

Notably, his spiritual gifts, especially, working of miracles have checked the movement of Catholic faithfuls to other miracle-happening churches. It has also brought Anglicans, Pentecostals, Methodists to increase the crowd of people in his ministrations and People fly from abroad to come to for his weekly crusade and fly back. Inspite of the ill-fated event of March 7 where 14 of the worshippers died under mysterious circumstances as well as the controversies it generated, that did not reduce the growing profile of this heavily anointed minister of God.

Born from the moral household of Chief Humphrey Ogbuefi (Late) and Felicia Mbaka in Amata Ituku in Awgu L.G.A of Enugu State, Nigeria, Father Mbaka is the only son of the parents. Little wonder his birth was greeted with full praises and blessing to God. The Infant Mbaka was named Ejike due to the consciousness of the fact that all powers belong to God not excluding authority to determine the sex of a child. His father got a reprive that at last, his successor has arrived!

Young Ejike C Mbaka, though fully consumed by his home chores, still secured enough time to commune with God. He was around to help his beloved mother in the kitchen and accompanied his father to their famous trade of wine tapping, ensuring that all tapped wine got sold except for the one set aside to entertain their visitors. Once through with domestic demands, Mbaka would dash out to organize Block Rosary Prayers where he regularly assumed the role of Francisco (one of the three children visited by Blessed Virgin Mary in Fatima in Portugal in the year 1917). Also he is deeply involved in the charismatic activities of his village parish, St. Anthony’s Parish Ituku where he led the prayer warrior team. He is well loved by his parents and the entire Ituku community.

However, as soon as “Cami” stated his aspiration to join the priesthood, he incured the wrath of his father (Pa Ogbuefi) and his kinsme, who not only disagreed with the idea but also victimized their little boy and made life one unhappy for him. One can pitifully appreciate his father’s situation at the time because as the only son the news of his priesthood pursuit was equivalent to sacrifice (death), which means that the young Mbaka was forever lost with the hopeless consequences of shutting down their linage (in igbo culture). Strong-minded, he remained resolute to the divine call to serve his creator. After his post-primary education at St. Vincent’s secondary school Agbogugn in Awgu L.G.A of Eungu state, Nigeria, he progressed to Seat of Wisdom Seminary Owerri and St Joseph’s Ikot Ekpene for his priestly training, and nurturing to priesthood.

On July 29th 1995, Rev. Ejike C. Mbaka was ordained a priest of the Holy Roman Catholic Church, a priest forever in the order of Melchizedek. This notable event signified the victory of light over darkness to the glory of God. Straightaway, the Catholic Church in Nigeria knew that the eagle has landed. The young Rev. Fr. Ejike Mbaka was posted to the Holy Ghost Cathedral, the headquarters of Catholic Church in Enugu Diocese as the Assistant Diocesan Administration.

This God’s General; Rev. Fr. Mbaka is a strong believer in the power of the Eucharist and the Word of God, hence he is so familiar with most chapters/verses and can preach for hours without getting tired. For him the Eucharist is the essence, soul and life of the church. He is also of the strong view that prayer is the key to the door of all human requests to heaven. He insists that the people must pray their way out; with his popular injunction to pray until Something Happens (PUSH). A great philosopher and highly talented with resourceful mind, Father Mbaka is an amiable soul-winner who knows those little things the people need to be happy and fulfilled. He has a philantropic heart, hates discrimination and relates with all irrespective of class, race, religion, colour etc. A songwriter and musician, most of his songs usually originate while he is sleeping. He has so many albums to his credit and has been honoured at various times by Performing Musicians Association of Nigeria (PIMAN).

Among many altercations with authorities with respect to his principles and percieved poor governance cum corruption,

He drew the attention of the nation and beyond, with his now famous New Year Prophesy of 2015 stating that the then incumbent President of Nigeria, Goodluck Jonathan should resign and stop contesting for re-election, tagging him as Bad Luck for Nigeria. Amdst critisms and reported threats to his life and ministry, he took the other Men of God to the “cleaners’. His prophesy against all odds, was clinical, phorensic and unmistakably came to pass. The then opposition candidate General Muhamadu Buhari clearly defeated the incumbent president and the rest they say is history.

Father Ejike C Mbaka is no doubt Anointed, Apostolic, Prophetic and Evangelistic. Little wonder why Adoration Ministries Enugu Nigeria (AMEN) has flourished and grown remarkably under his leaderships, direction, guidance and mentoring.

We gracefully present this Man of God, Rev. Fr. Ejike Camillius Anthony Ebenezer Mbaka, as one of God’s Generals of Nigeria. - From: Adoration Ministry Enugu Nigeria (AMEN).

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