God Can Change His Mind Overnight. Special Article

By the help of the Spirit of God, I wish to categorically state that Prophesies are the revelation of the eternal will of God to man, usually His choice servants (Oracles, mouthpiece or Prophets/Prophetesses), see Amos 3:7. So, prophesies are real and Prophets are real. In fact, Apostle Paul advised us to desire to Prophesy more than speak in tongues, 1Corinth 14:1. Points to note for the spiritual initiated.

Having said that, I wish to state that God can reveal his will to Prophets through dreams, visions, trance, written word, spoken word Etc. GOD CAN ALSO CHANGE HIS WILL as He desires, without recourse to any mortal man, including His servants.
He might decide to do something and along the way, decide otherwise, all for the His glory and the good of His chosen people.

Against the backdrop of the much publicized Prophesy about the just concluded US Presidential Elections, from one of the world's most anointed Prophet of God from Nigeria, which later failed to come to pass, I have always maintained that ONE MUST NOT TELL EVERY PROPHESIES, DREAMS, VISIONS TRANCES etc. Most of these revelations are purely for our personal consumption, and not for the public.

Please note, Prophet TB Joshua has my respect, anytime, as a Heavily Anointed Prophet and Man of God. God's using him mightily across the whole world and you can do nothing about it. I love you Sir.


In Genesis 37:5, I found out by the help of the Spirit of God that if Joseph had kept his dreams to himself (and not rushed to tell his brethren and father) he would still have made it to Egypt, and in a much more Dignified Way rather than through that slavish, difficult and painful path, and still fulfill that divine purpose purpose of preserving life of much people against global famine, see Gen45:5, 7-8.
God showed him a dream but God never asked him to disclose it to anyone. He acted on his own, when he told his dreams...Being human, such dreams must have excited him, unconsciously stirring up youthful pride & arrogance in him, jealousy & hatred from his brethren as well as open rebuke from his father Jacob.



Bible says that the secret things of God belong to those that fear God. Therefore, the secret things of God are secrets and should be kept so, until God specifically commands us to tell it to the 3rd party.

Abraham had some practical bargain with God about Sodom & Gomorrah to save that city, for the sake of his nephew Lot. But did you see that Abraham never told Lot about his deliberations with the Almighty God. He kept it to himself and still had his way, making sure that Lot was saved.

Again, it was after ignorantly telling his prophesies to the old Prophet that the young got his fingers burnt and destiny cut-short. God changed His mind immediately and reverted to speaking to the old Prophet. Divine judgement was served on him.
Friends, #WeMustNotTellAllProphesies.

During the ministry of Jesus Christ on earth, did you see that after healing the sick, manifesting great signs & wonders or revealing His sovereign God nature, amongst His disciples, He would charge them never to tell any man until, He is risen from the dead.
Yes, I said Jesus Christ, God the son desired to keep His identity secret, till after his mission on earth was accomplished.

When Peter received a revelation about the person of Jesus as the Son of God, Jesus charged him and others to keep that secret until after His Resurrection. Again, On the mount of transfiguration, Jesus commanded Peter, James and John to tell that great vision to no man, until after His resurrection.

By inspiration, I believe that God doesn't want his Prophets to tell all dreams, visions, and prophesies for many reasons:
1) People may Praise us and take us to highly than normal.
2) Pride may unconsciously creep into our minds, especially when the audience praises us.
3) We may unconsciously be taking God's glory when our prophesies come to pass.


To avoid those scenarios, God may change His mind to keep us in check or take His glory.

In conclusion, it's important to ask ourselves, the following questions whenever God shows us something:
1) Is this revelation for me?
2) Will it glorify God or me?
3) Must I tell it to another?

I believe that for the most part, we should endeavor to keep God's Secrets, secret. Every Prophesy is not for public consumption.

God bless you.
Makuochi Samuel is my name.
#GraceSpeaks #MercySpeaks

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