Must You Pull Down That Man Of God?

As children of God, we must desist from pulling down or joining unbelievers to pull down a man of God and the work of God. Whether it's Apostle Johnson Suleman or another. That's the rule in our Kingdom. 

I am excited to note how many of us are posting #IstandWithApostleSuleman. God has got an army of believers that bleed the same blood and we ought to be our brother's keeper. 

Sadly however, these same people standing with my anointed Man of God, Apostle Johnson Suleman, we're and are the same people that speak carelessly and abusive words against Prophet TB Joshua, Rev Father Mbaka and many other men of God, simply because they made unpalatable statements, prophesies which hasn't come to pass, they don't understand or like their ministries/denomination. 

Nigerian Christians, Why are we like this? 

This is why there's so much hatreds, campaign of calumny, acrimony and all manner of backstabbings going on amongst preachers, and their followers whereas we are supposed to be working for and walking with one sovereign God. 

Child of God, please refuse to allow yourself to be used to pull down any Man of God, and not just Apostle Johnson Suleman, Prophet TB Joshua or Father Mbaka. 

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